About us

Botem Health Care Ltd, has dedicated  staff comprising of highly experienced, competent and dependable employees who efficiently conduct the services required by our client. Our  management team  ensure, the  human resources are well managed while also adhering to industry standard quality control and assurance to provide our clients with an overall peace of mind about your safety and dignity.

We have a team of experienced and dependable professionals who offer specialised services. We are different with lots of skills, experience and intense dedication to the work we do, providing services catered to the client's needs. We regularly evaluate the processes required to be a modern domiciliary care service provider by independent consultants and compare that to internal analysis of our Botem Health Care Ltd policies and procedures to ensure we are up to and better than the current state of care. 

We also have and do attend seminars and several training to improve our service to be able to provide the best possible form of health and social services. Again we do this for our client's satisfaction and because of the amount of pride we take in making our clients care outstanding.  

By choosing Botem health care, you’re confident in knowing that our service is fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission and Care Inspectorate Wales. We are a caring and professionally recognised home care providers, 

Botem Healthcare offers a full range of home care services, and this can be adapted to match your service needs, whether that’s switching between a live-in carer and a visiting carer or receiving nursing care if your health care needs have changed. We are here to lend a helping hand and to fully support you through it all.

Learn more about how one of our trusted carers can support you in your home. We’re always here to help, so please get in touch to talk through your needs. Call us today on